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Channeled Affirmations

Channeled Affirmations

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I am thrilled to help you tap into the power of affirmations to transform your life.

Affirmations are a powerful tool that can help you reprogram your thoughts and beliefs. By repeating positive affirmations, you can change your mindset, release negative patterns, and manifest the life you desire. 

During your session, I tap into your energy and channel the affirmations that you need to hear and embody at this time. You will receive a personalized list of affirmations that you can use daily to reprogram your thoughts and beliefs. You can use them in your daily routine, meditation, or any other practice that resonates with you. These affirmations are uniquely crafted for you, with the intention of helping you reach your full potential and live your best life. My channeled affirmations can help you release limiting beliefs, increase self-love and confidence, and bring more abundance and joy into your life. 

If you are ready to transform your life and unlock your full potential, then this service is for you.

Please note that, as with any intuitive reading, the information provided is not a definite outcome and that free will, choices and actions of all parties involved may affect the outcome.

Care Instructions

♡ Find a quiet and comfortable place where you can fully concentrate on the reading

♡ Take a few deep breaths and set an intention for the reading.

♡ Be open-minded and receptive to the messages the cards have for you

♡ After the reading, take some time to reflect on what you learned and how you can apply it to your life

♡ Take care of yourself. If any emotions or feelings come up during the reading, honor them and take the necessary steps to process and integrate them

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