Welcome, divine beings

I'm Sophie-May and I'm an energy healer, intuitive tarot reader, chaneller, educator and spiritual mentor.

I am deeply committed to helping others on their spiritual journey and assisting them in finding clarity, healing, and a deeper understanding of the happiness, love and purpose in their lives.

My readings are not only about providing answers, but also about facilitating personal growth and self-discovery.

I am confident in my ability to provide you with the guidance and support you need to navigate the complexities of life and am honored to have the opportunity to help you on your unique journey.

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  • During my own personal spiritual awakening, I found myself feeling quite alone and disconnected from others. It was during this time that I discovered the powerful insights that can be gained through tarot readings

  • Tarot can help us to break free from limiting beliefs and patterns, and to embrace our true potential. By trusting in the guidance of the cards and following our intuition, we can create the life we truly desire and manifest our highest good.

  • Having experienced the pain and isolation of being alone during my own spiritual journey, I feel a deep calling to create a sense of community that fosters love, acceptance, and mutual growth, so that no one has to walk the path alone

  • It is my heartfelt desire to provide a welcoming and non-judgemental space for you to explore your innermost thoughts and feelings in order to gain clarity and perspective and find a sense of direction and purpose

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I believe that my soul's purpose is to serve as a healer, an educator, and a communicator with the divine. I have been blessed with gifts that allow me to tap into the powerful energies of the universe and bring forth guidance and insight that can help others on their path. As a healer, I work to clear away any energetic blockages that may be holding people back from their true potential. Through my work, I aim to help people find greater balance and harmony in all aspects of their lives. As an educator, I strive to share my knowledge and wisdom with others in a way that is accessible and meaningful. I believe that everyone has the ability to learn and grow, and it is my privilege to facilitate that process for those who seek it. As a communicator with the divine, I offer a bridge between the physical and spiritual realms. Through channeling, tarot, and meditation, I am able to receive messages and guidance from higher realms of consciousness, which I then share with those who come to me seeking clarity and direction.

I am humbled and honored to serve as a vessel for these gifts, and I dedicate my life to using them for the highest good of all. May we all find peace, love, and understanding on our journey, and may we all be guided by the divine wisdom that flows through us all.

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