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Three Card Tarot Reading

Three Card Tarot Reading

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Want quick and insightful guidance on any area of your life? Look no further! My three card service offers a unique and personalized approach to understanding the intricacies of any situation. 

This service is perfect for anyone who is seeking a quick, but in-depth guidance on any situation in their life, whether it be in regards to love, work, personal growth or friendships. Whether you're facing a specific challenge, trying to make a decision or simply need a new perspective, the three card service will provide you with the insight and understanding you need to move forward with confidence.

There are a few variation of the three card spread:

  • Past-Present-Future: this spread provides insight into past influences, current circumstances, and future outcomes

  • Problem-Action-Outcome: this spread helps to identify a problem, determine an appropriate action, and predict the potential outcome

  • Situation-Obstacle-Advice: this spread identifies the current situation, any obstacles or challenges that must be overcome, and advice for moving forward

  • You-Your Path-Your Potential: this spread provides insight into you as you are now, the path you are currently on, and the potential version of you this path will lead to 

Order now and take the first step towards a deeper understanding of your current situation.

Please note that, as with any intuitive reading, the information provided is not a definite outcome and that free will, choices and actions of all parties involved may affect the outcome.

Care Instructions

♡ Find a quiet and comfortable place where you can fully concentrate on the reading

♡ Take a few deep breaths and set an intention for the reading.

♡ Be open-minded and receptive to the messages the cards have for you

♡ After the reading, take some time to reflect on what you learned and how you can apply it to your life

♡ Take care of yourself. If any emotions or feelings come up during the reading, honor them and take the necessary steps to process and integrate them

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